Air Receivers

Air receivers are tanks used for compressed air storage and are recommended to be in all compressed air systems. Air Receivers decrease wear and tear on the compression module, capacity control system and motor by reducing excessive compressor cycling andeliminating pulsations from the discharge line. They can also help reduce dew point and temperature spikes that follow regeneration andcontribute to reduced energy costs by minimizing electric demand charges associated with excessivestarting of the compressor motor.

ILVA can manufacture most sizes of receivers from as small as 2 litre up to 180 000 litre, with working pressures ranging from Full Vacuum up to 8000 kPa. All Air Receivers can be manufactured in both Vertical and Horizontal configurations. Air Receivers are also commonly used for Nitrogen applications. We have a standard range of most commonly required sizes in stock or with short lead times.

Pressure Vessels

A pressure vessel is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure.Pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications in both the industrial and the private sector and can be used for domestic hot water storage tanks, decompression chambers, distillation towers, pressure reactors, autoclaves, vessels for LPG storage and many others. ILVA has over 45years experience in the design and fabrication of various types of pressure vessels used in all major sectors of industry.

Refrigeration Vessels

In most industrial refrigeration systems, individual pressure vessels often require customdesign features that ILVA Engineering is more than capable of providing. We design and manufacture refrigeration vessels to meet your specific requirements. ILVA has produced numerous Surge Drums, Liquid Receivers, Accumulator Drums, Separators, De-superheaters, Buffer tanks and Oil Pots both Category 1 and 2 in the NH3, CO2, R22, R134a and other common refrigerant applications.

Water Filtration Vessels

Water filtration vessels are used in the water purification process, these vessels are normally fitted with various filter plates which can be adjusted with a variety of nozzles to achieve the desired result. ILVA has manufactured various types of vessels in this sector from Sand Filters, Carbon Filters, Ion and CationExchangers, Buffer and Saturator tanks, Demineralisation Filters etc.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Vessels

A shell and tube heat exchanger is a class of heat exchanger. It is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, and is suited for higher-pressure applications. This type of heat exchanger consists of a shell (a large pressure vessel) with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two fluids.

Although ILVA does not offer the process design for the applications in which heat exchangers are used, we can however supply mechanical design to ASME / TEMA B,C and R classes and fabricate to most specifications.

Air Drier Vessels

A compressed air dryer is a device for removing water vapor from compressed air. Compressed air dryers are commonly found in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities. Various types of compressed air dryers include regenerative desiccant dryers, often called "regens" or "twin tower" dryers, refrigerated dryers, deliquescent dryers or membrane dryers.

ILVA can design and fabricate most types of Air Driers to customer requirements. Process design to be supplied by client.

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are containers that hold liquids, solidsor mediums under atmospheric conditions. ILVA specializes in all types of shop fabricated storage vessels. We can design storage tanks to API620, API650, EN14015 and BS2654 codes. Common types of vessels made by ILVA include silos, diesel, petrol and oil collection tanks.ILVA also manufactures all types of structural components associated with vessels such as platforms, cat ladders, ducting, walkways, piping and skid frames.